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Focus on Your Clients by Simplifying
the Rebalancing of Investment Portfolios

Automate your entire investment process using model management, rebalancing,
tax loss harvesting, direct indexing, ESG/SRI strategies and trade execution across all accounts

Model Management

Enable financial advisors to create, maintain and manage an unlimited number of model portfolios

  • Upload your own complex models
  • Select from third party model and index providers
  • Automate asset allocation throughout the entire life of an investment goal
  • Implement risk-based solutions using customizable glide paths
  • Assign models to accounts manually or automatically via APIs


Keep portfolios balanced with the types of securities that match your client's investment strategy

  • Realign portfolios by automating highly customized, tax-managed accounts
  • Configure rebalancing settings to align rebalancing outcomes with the needs of each client
  • Review sophisticated tax aware solutions with wash sale compliance and monitoring
  • Edit recommended trades according to your needs
  • Generate cash for upcoming distributions

Tax Loss Harvesting

A configurable and customizable solution to maximize opportunities for each client

  • Tailor client specific long term and short term capital gains tax rates
  • Define advisor replacement securities
  • Monitor wash sale compliance
  • Report on tax loss harvesting for advisors and clients

Direct Indexing

Provide broad-based diversification and unlock the tax losses of individual stocks

  • Automate direct indexing and seamless integrate with our OMS
  • Enable smaller accounts through fractional share implementation
  • Customize your direct indexes and include them in an investment model
  • Maximize tax loss opportunities using sophisticated technology
  • Personalize ESG/SRI preferences and portfolio solutions to your client's preferences

ESG/SRI Strategies

Cater to your socially conscious clients' preferences

  • Create your own ESG/SRI indexes
  • Ensure operational efficiency with mass customization
  • Apply ESG/SRI tilts across numerous factors
  • Implement direct indexing based on a client’s ESG/SRI preferences
  • Sleeve custom direct indexing strategies within an investment mode

Trade Execution

Flexible and configurable proprietary order management system

  • Experience full integration with our rebalancer and direct indexing engine
  • Implement fractional shares
  • Integrate seamlessly with Apex Clearing
  • Trade, block, and allocate multiple accounts at once
  • Analyze post-trade reconciliation and reporting

Build your own experience with our full API access



AdvisorArch was founded by three experienced Fintech veterans to simplify the implementation of mass customized portfolios. We do this by fully integrating model management, directing indexing and trading with features including TLH, ESG/SRI customization and automated rebalancing.



Michael Kerins


Robert Cavallaro


Ed Crespy






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Ed Crespy

Co-CEO and CTO

Ed is Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of AdvisorArch. Prior to AdvisorArch, he was Vice President of Engineering at RobustWealth and was responsible for the growth and development of RobustWealth’s technology strategy.

Ed has 30 years of technology experience including 18 years as a director and Bloomberg LP, a leading financial data and analysis platform. He holds an MS from Temple University and a BA from Rutgers University where he graduated with honors.


Robert Cavallaro


Rob is the Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer of AdvisorArch. Prior to AdvisorArch, he was the Chief Investment Officer at RobustWealth and was responsible for the development and implementation of RobustWealth’s investment strategy.

Rob has 25 years of investment experience including 16 years as a managing director for the CooperNeff Group, a multi-strategy alternatives company. During his tenure at CooperNeff, Rob was responsible for a global multi-billion dollar process trading operation that was comprised of a staff of 50 professionals. He holds an MBA from Wharton where he graduated with honors. Rob also served on the board of Archipelago, an electronic trading platform that was subsequently acquired by the New York Stock Exchange.

Mike Kerins

Michael Kerins, CFA, FRM


Mike Kerins is the Co-Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of AdvisorArch. Prior to AdvisorArch, Mike founded RobustWealth in 2015. Principal Financial Group acquired RobustWealth in 2018 and Mike was CEO of RobustWealth until 2021. Mike spent eight years at Franklin Templeton, where he managed an investment team overseeing a global portfolio of assets equaling $40 billion. He also served as the head of asset class research and has expertise spanning strategic and tactical asset allocation, portfolio construction, target date strategies and liquid alternatives.

Mike is a CFA® charter holder as well as a certified Financial Risk Manager. He holds a B.S. in Finance and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado and has a certificate in Computational Finance from the University of Washington.